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SEE CIBA CROP SCIENCES  produces pesticides, fertilizers, micro nutrients , bio fertilizers, plant growth regulators, seeds,  stickers and spreaders for better agricultural productivity.
          SEE CIBA CROP SCIENCES is dedicated in providing crop protection solutions through manufucting and marketing of agro products.
          The company is committed to safety and health of farmers, employees and other stake holders and abide by all guidelines of environment protection by making high capital investments. The company lays special focus on safe use and handling of its products, intermediates at all levels during marketing & distribution.
          Increasing population with growth in Income driving the demand for food and hence the necessity to improve agriculture productivity as more land cannot be brought under cultivation.
            The company focus working closely with farmers and channel partners to understand the need gap in a better, providing crop solutions, developing trust and confidence of farmers, distributors, dealers and employers.
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